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Ciara who? Storm Dennis is here! It’s nice to have that thing going on outside, being able to do what you want on a sunday. I’ll admit, it’s not a good thing if you want to get rid of some excess energy. Would be a shame if a loose tree would hit you in the face now, wouldn’t it? But it triggered me to think about my situation.

Let’s say I’ve always been a fan of extreme versions of the weather. When I was a kid and all hell broke loose outside, you could find me either laughing my face off in the middle of a thunderstorm (of course on a downward slope without trees next to me), or at the very least behind my window watching. From your home it’s really nice to enjoy what’s going on outside.

Break cover or take cover

That’s the bottom line of today: home. Do you realize how fortunate you are to have a roof over your head at all? I know I am. Several people I know are roaming from sleeping place to sleeping place. They are even living in the woods near the Hoge Veluwe, trying to take cover. With these winds outside, it literally gives me the chills to think they are out there right now.

Let’s not start about the amount of care that’s actually required to ‘fix’ all the people who are outside because the care system is broken. Around Ede, news reports state that the number of confused people on the streets are increasing at a rapid rate. Even if we disregard they need mental care, at the very least they’ll have to stay somewhere during the nights.

Safe space

It doesn’t even have to freeze outside, you know: shelter is so important for anyone of us. Your home isn’t only a protection against the elements outside, it’s also a place of comfort, where you are safe. Having my own place makes me happy. Everyone of us needs and deserves to have that same feeling. So I’ll leave you to your comfy night with these thoughts:

  1. If a wanderer approaches you in the Netherlands to ask for money for shelter, alarm bells should definitely ring. Shelter organisations usually ask for a contribution to break even with costs, but if someone can’t chip in, they still will be allowed to enter the hospitality.
  2. Consider supporting Nacht Zonder Dak (Night Without Roof) from Tear, either financially or by stepping in yourself. It’s great fun to join them and sleep outside for a night. That also helps people pretty directly. Wouldn’t you dream of someone giving up their safe space, so you can have your own? Here is the 2020 schedule with all cities.. I know where I’ll be in June.
  3. If a tree comes flying towards you, you’d better duck. It wasn’t a joke. Good night!

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